Joel Salatin Lecture Series & Workshop (in Juneau on Wednesday, May 3rd)

Join us as we discuss food policy challenges and opportunities in the agricultural industry both in mainstream society at large and also within our own community. Light lunch will be offered at 11am, with a 12pm lecture to follow. Then at 1:30pm you'll hear from local food producers and other contributors to our food system right here in Juneau. Click on the link below for more information:

Kickstarter Funded!

We are so excited to announce that our Kickstarter was fully funded within hours of deadline! These start-up funds will allow us to open a dedicated facility to growing year round produce for our community! This would not have been possible without the donations and support of everyone involved.

Thank you again,

-Farmer Eli

Our Kickstarter is live!

Cut to the chase and see our awesome Kickstarter page and video click >>here<<

Wow! After a whirlwind few weeks, we are finally able to unveil our new logo and webpage with the launch of our Kickstarter campaign! We have been working tirelessly for the past four years to be able to grow produce year-round and be able to sell it at the grocery stores here in Juneau. In order to fully realize this dream, we need to lease an indoor growing space that would allow us to grow enough plants to fill the grocery store orders.

We teamed up with Aurora Projekt and Chilkat Fabrication to bring some truly unique custom made items from right here in town! Check out our kickstarter page and share the link with your friends! With everyone's help we can begin to address food security in our home!

Juneau Empire Article

October 8th, 2016: We had the opportunity to share the story about our budding business with Emily Russo Miller, of the Juneau Empire.

“My vision is a multi-aspect farm,” Eli said. Half of the business would be growing hydroponically year-round (i.e. growing plants without soil indoors), and the other half would be growing seasonal organics in a greenhouse, both outdoors and cold-frame.

“Traditional farming in Southeast Alaska will not feed our community,” he said. “The only way to feed our community is hydroponic growing or greenhouse growing, and climate controlled growing.”

Read the full interview here.